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Uncertainty in the focus

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Liverpool students are challenged by Ullrika and Scott

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FRAM-seminar on uncertainty in scientific assessments

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Uncertainty in scientific assessments was the topic of a workshop in Durban, South Africa

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UnEviL research group meeting: networks on networks

The Uncertainty and Evidence Lab was today hosted by PhD student Johanna Haussler who gave a talk on Networks on networks: modelling complex food webs on spatial networks Biotic networks are rarely considered within a spatial context, this applies particularly to complex multitrophic communities, i.e. food webs. In my talk, I will present a novel modelling approach me and my … Continue reading

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Finns det någon nytta med att vara osäker

Detta är en fråga som jag ställde på Dalby bibliotek som en del i Lunds universitets forskarturné hösten 2018. De drygt 20 åskådarna fick utstå att gissa, uttrycka deras osäkerhet och testa huruvida de har övertro i sina gissningar. Syftet med dessa övningar var att illustrera olika typer av osäkerhet och olika sätt att beskriva dem. Jag tog upp att … Continue reading

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Tutorial on quantifying epistemic uncertainty by probability

This is a 3 hour tutorial where I (Ullrika Sahlin) talk about why quantification of epistemic uncertainty by probability is important and useful to master. I present two methods – Expert Knowledge Eliciation and Bayesian Analysis. We will go through hands on examples on quantifying uncertainty in assessment inputs as well as in assessment output. All examples will be done … Continue reading

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Are you uncertain?

This is a question we asked many times last Saturday when the Uncertainty Show was given for the first time. The show relies on people coming up on stage trying to be uncertain. They compete against a computer, theory or others. A lot of people tried our computer games about uncertainty. Ivette, Maria, Ullrika and Rasmus – happy after making … Continue reading

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Open PhD position in decision theory and environmental management

The research Group Uncertainty and Evidence Lab at the Centre of Environmental and Climate Research are looking for a suitable candidate for a new PhD position. The aim of the PhD project will to study the importance of uncertainty in environmental management. This includes the treatment of uncertainty into scientific assessments and considering in what way decision makers respond to … Continue reading

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