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Working from home

We are approaching the time of the year to writing applications for the Swedish research councils VR and FORMAS. We all have our tricks to get the opportunity to focus and bring those ideas on a piece of paper (literary). Today I skip commuting and I work from home. Started with a nice walk after leaving my son at the … Continue reading

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Reflections on stakeholder interaction

Today I gave a talk at the CEC Fellows meeting on Lessons learnt from interacting with stakeholders. I shared reflections on three interactions I have been involved with: Honey bees: bee health, pesticides and pollination Invasive species: risk assessment and signal crayfish Uncertainty in scientific assessments: understand and quantify! The slides of my talk are found here: Sahlin_Lessons learnt from interacting … Continue reading

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Master thesis: Can drones improve detection and treatment of potato late blight?

Early detection and recommendation of higher precision in treatment of late blight in potato crops by using drone photos is the title of a Master Thesis by Anna Lindéus at the Risk Master program at Lund University (LTH). It has been developed in a collaboration with the Centre of Environmental and Climate research and Vultus. The supervisors have been Ullrika … Continue reading

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Bayesian Analysis and Decision Theory Spring 2018

A graduate course in Bayesian Analysis and Decision Theory This course is hosted by the research school ClimBEco and is open for anyone. Registration is closed The course has three physical meetings during spring 2018: 13-14 March, 20-21 March, 10-11 April badt_2018_schedule_15feb This course is worth 5 credits –  Course Syllabus Bayesian methods are used for inference, modelling of complex data, model calibration, and … Continue reading

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Bayes@Lund2018 – for the 5th time!

Bayes@Lund 2018 – a Mini-conference on Bayesian Methods at Lund University, 12th of April, 2018 You are welcome to participate in the fifth edition of Bayes@Lund! The purpose of this conference is to bring together researchers and professionals working with or interested in Bayesian methods. Bayes@Lund aims at being accessible to researchers with little experience of Bayesian methods while still being relevant to experienced … Continue reading

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The perfect gift for Xmas – a game about guessing

This game is a blessing, to practice your skills in guessing. Accuracy and precision, are good for a decision. Although being uncertain might seem less, it can lead to success. Relax your winter holiday with computer games about uncertainty The Climate-KIC Ideator project Gaming for better decisions under uncertainty is led by Ullrika Sahlin at CEC. The project aims to develop games … Continue reading

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Games about uncertainty and decision making

Gaming for better decisions under uncertainty is a project with the goal to develop a game that motivates people to learn about uncertainty analysis and decision making in an entertaining way. The idea was to use a game environment to explain the benefits of expressing uncertainty when making predictions and possible ways to make decisions under uncertainty. The goal has … Continue reading

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Highly productive meeting on gamification for uncertainty and decision making

For two days in November experts on decision theory, statistics and risk analysis met at Lund University to Come up with ideas for a game to motivate people to learn more about expressing uncertainty and making decisions under uncertainty Identify target theory and concepts to demonstrate in the game Test the ideas on game prototypes It was a successful meeting … Continue reading

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Test our forthcoming game for uncertainty!

Do you want to be part of a testing group for the development of a computer game about expressing uncertainty and making decisions? This is something for you who Has an ability to give constructive feedback on your experience of playing a simple computer game A tiny interest in knowing more about how to guess with uncertainty and choose between … Continue reading

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Fruitful interactions at the 3rd Nordic Chapter risk conference

We had a great meeting at beautiful Aalto University, Esboo, Finland. Check out the twitter flow on #sran17 Conference web page      

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