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We are approaching the final set of training courses on Expert Knowledge Elicitation offered during 2022-2023

In June 2014, EFSA published a Guidance document on Expert Knowledge Elicitation (EKE) in Food and Feed Safety Risk Assessment. In this context, EKE is defined as a systematic, documented and reviewable process to retrieve expert judgments from groups of experts in the form of probability distributions.

EKE methods are formal, probabilistic judgment techniques designed to encourage careful, thoughtful judgments and reduce psychological biases. EFSA Guidance implements EKE in an efficient, rigorous and transparent manner, targeted on most important parameters, subject to critical review at key decision points, and fully documented.

Lund University currently offer online training courses on Expert Knowledge Elicitation (EKE)

There will be four courses offered during spring 2023 – more info


December 14, 2022

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