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Welcome to join our efforts to describe and explain scientific methods to support environmental decision making. Our focus is on decisions in environmental management, but we will discuss fundamental issues of producing and using knowledge to support decision making in a more general perspective.

There is a need to discuss and develop scientific methods used to support decisions. Especially under the limited possibilities to actually observe the outcome of management interventions and the fact that our understanding of the systems seldom are complete.

Our aim is to build a framework for Environmental Evidence Synthesis that can work as a practical guide to practitioners and research projects.

To begin with the framework consists of:

  • Principles for structured decision making (related to multi-criteria decision analysis and active stakeholder engagement).
  • Scientific principles for quantitative risk analysis
  • Bayesian principles for predictive inference
  • Modelling of partially observable systems
  • Bayesian evidence synthesis
  • Uncertainty analysis with a wider perspective on sources to uncertainty (e.g. post-normal uncertainty analysis)
  • Principles for systematic judgement of quality in information (meta-analytical approaches and criteria for judgement and review)

Here we will publish case-studies, links, comments and meetings of relevance for the development of environmental evidence synthesis.

Interested in joining our group or sharing useful information – contact Ullrika Sahlin

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