Opportunities to dive into uncertainty

Uncertainty is more important than ever. Not only are problems of today more complex and urgent, but there is also a need to combine different types of knowledge and weight things together. In order to give scientific advice we must train our ability to state what we dont know.

The uncertainty and evidence lab are working on taking these type of questions seriously.

Games as measuring instruments

The games to explain what it means to express uncertainty have been developed further into not only amusement and teaching but also as measurement instruments of peoples ability to express their own uncertainty.

We have started to explore the possibility to makes the games available for phones to improve testing and their use for research. Two versions are on Google app store: Probability bee and quiztimate. So far there are only solutions for Android up and running.

Take part of the discussion

Many risk Conferences bring up the issue of uncertainty. Such as this one. Will I see you there?

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