Bayes@Lund2018 – for the 5th time!

Bayes@Lund 2018 – a Mini-conference on Bayesian Methods at Lund University, 12th of April, 2018

You are welcome to participate in the fifth edition of Bayes@Lund! The purpose of this conference is to bring together researchers and professionals working with or interested in Bayesian methods. Bayes@Lund aims at being accessible to researchers with little experience of Bayesian methods while still being relevant to experienced practitioners. The focus is on how Bayesian methods are used in research and the industry, what advantages Bayesian methods have over classical alternatives, and how the use and teaching of Bayesian methods can be encouraged.

To participate you need to register in advance, please register for Bayes@Lund 2018 here:


Please see the conference web page for more info:

Call for Presentations and Short Tutorials

As last year we invite you to submit a talk to Bayes@Lund, but new for this year is that we also invite you to submit Short tutorials.


A talk is a 20 minutes presentation on any topic related to Bayesian methods, but not restricted to:

  • Case studies. Have you used Bayesian methods in your research? Describe what you did, and how it worked out.
  • Method development. Are you developing novel Bayesian methods that you want to share?
  • Teaching Bayes. Do you have experiences teaching Bayesian methods. What was the challenges, and do you have any useful tips?

Short tutorials are 10/20/30 min long tutorials where you introduce the audience to a  tool, package or methodology you find useful. It doesn’t need to be something you’ve developed, just something you want to show the audience!


As the audience will be highly heterogeneous, the talk and tutorials are expected to be accessible and engaging for a multidisciplinary audience.


To contribute a presentation or short tutorial for Bayes@Lund please send in the title of your talk/tutorial with an abstract (not more than 100 words) to For a short tutorial, also indicate how much time you need (10/20/30 min). The final date for submission is the 11th of February.


Invited speakers: Paul-Christian Bürkner and Jukka Ranta

This year we are happy to announce that the first invited speaker is Paul-Christian Bürkner, researcher at the University of Münster, Department of Psychology. Paul is an expert in Bayesian statistical modelling and he is the creator of the well known BRMS software package that makes it easy to do advanced Bayesian modelling

We are equally happy to announce that the second invited speaker is Jukka Ranta, professor at the Finnish Food Safety Authority, and docent of biometry from Helsinki University. Jukka’s research is focused on Bayesian modelling to do Quantitative Risk Assessment in food safety applications. He has also taught several courses in Bayesian statistics at the University.

Important Dates

Final date for presentations submission: 11th of February
Notifications to presenters: 18th of February
Final date for registration: 1st of April
The conference: 12th of April

Program, Info & registration

Please see the conference web page: or contact us at:

Rasmus Bååth, Lund University Cognitive Science, DataCamp Inc:
Ullrika Sahlin, Lund University Centre of Environmental and Climate Research:

All best,
Rasmus Bååth & Ullrika Sahlin

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