Intensive and fun -2016’s graduate course on risk, uncertainty and decision making is now completed

This was a course funded by the research schools LUCID and ClimBeco. 26 students participated. We had two physical meetings. One in Lund and one in Gothenburg. The one in Gothenburg included a 1.5 day risk conference – the 2nd Nordic Chapter Risk meeting. We were a bit afraid that it would be too much, but on the contrary – we felt that the students got exposed to high quality keynotes and contributed talks, saw the width of risk research and actually made new connections. The small format of the risk conference (about 100 people) and friendly atmosphere made them feel welcomed.

Me and Åsa Knaggård decided to have this course since we had a similar one when we were PhD-students. Now, ten years later – it was time to pay back. We learnt a lot and hope that the students did too. It was excellent to have Daniel Slunge on the team to help us out in Gothenburg and using his network to get good lecturers.





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