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Bayes@Lund2017 20th April

The program for Bayes@Lund2017 is now ready Follow us at #bayeslund17 on twitter We have uploaded videos of some of the talks on YouTube. Unfortunately not all talks have been recorded because of technical issues. Richard McElreath — Bayesian Statistics without Frequentist Language: Martin Stjernman — Joint species modelling. Beautiful in theory, tricky in practice: Shravan Vasishth — … Continue reading

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Applications and future developments of Bayesian Networks in risk and impact assessments and environmental decision making

Open seminar and workshop When: Wednesday March 29th 2017. From 10 to 14, followed by discussions Where: The Blue Hall and the Red Room in the Ecology Building, Lund University, Sölvegatan 37, Lund, Sweden Scroll down to view the list of talks and links to presentations Background Bayesian Networks is a type of probabilistic modelling with wide applications in science and … Continue reading

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Great talks and networking at the 2nd Nordic chapter risk meeting

Last week risk researchers and other interested in the risk field came to Gothenburg to take part in the 2nd annual meeting of the Nordic chapter of the Society for Risk analysis. Last year in Lund was successful so our expectations were high. I must say that this year became even more successful. The keynote speakers were excellent – all … Continue reading

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Graduate course in Risk, Uncertainty and Decision Making

The course is over. Check this post for a summary. Registration is now closed for the PhD course in risk, uncertainty and decision making. We make a number of decisions every day. These decisions are based on conscious or unconscious analysis, as well as assessments of risks and uncertainties. We are often unaware of how we make these decisions, and how … Continue reading

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Is Bayesian inference failing when there is a conflict between your prior and data?

Welcome to a seminar on Bayesian Inference and Prior-Data Conflict On the 15th of December Dr. Gero Walter from Technische Universiteit Eindhoven gave a seminar about the problem of prior-data conflict, that is, when the information from data is in conflict with prior assumptions (abstract is below). His talk was followed by a hands on session where the attendees will learned … Continue reading

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Risk is crisp

All sessions are filled but there is a possibility to submit abstracts for posters until November 8th. A short version of the program can be accessed here Program_nov11 A longer version containing all abstracts is fullprogramriskconf (version Nov 11th) Check out the web page and don’t miss to register before November 8th. flyer

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Celebrate the Nobel day by joining us in a workshop on Bayesian methods using Stan

In dark December we are happy to host Aki Vehtari from Aalto University, Finland,  who will show us how to implement Bayesian methods using the Stan software. Stan is a probabilistic programming language implementing full Bayesian statistical inference. Stan is coded in C++ and runs on all major platforms. Stan is open source. We will use practical hands-on session with the … Continue reading

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Nordic Risk conference 2015 in Lund

The Nordic Chapter of SRA Europe and Lund University Centre of Risk Assessment and Management (LUCRAM) invites you to participate in the 1st Nordic Chapter Risk Conference on the theme The Future of Risk Analysis in the Nordic Countries The opportunity to submit an abstract for a talk or poster closes at October 4th. Go to the conference Web site for more … Continue reading

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Adaptation – novel decision problems under uncertainty seeking solutions with scientific rigor

Attending the 2nd European Climate Change Adaptation Conference ECCA 12-14 May 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark. Let me share some insights after the first day: Adaptation is just waiting for innovative solutions designed with scientific methods and scientific rigor. Adaption means that we have to face problems with high complexity and uncertainty which makes our knowledge far from precise. Adaptation does not have to be … Continue reading

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Confronting uncertainties beyond Bayesianism

Confronting uncertainty beyond Bayesianism is an initiative within the Advanced Study Group “Values, decision making and risk – current perspectives and future research” at the Pufendorf Institute in Lund, spring 2015. The starting point of the theme is view of knowledge-based probability as the first order measure of uncertainty. The Bayesian approach to interpret and assign probabilities makes it possible … Continue reading

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