Workshop on Bayesian Networks for risk assessment and decision making

We had a successful workshop on Bayesian Networks in risk assessment and decision making in Lund March 28 and 29th, 2017.

This workshop was financed by the research school ClimBEco.

Local organisers were Indrani Hazel Govender and Ullrika Sahlin.

Tuesday March 28th

Introduction to Bayesian Networks for risk and impact assessment to support decision making.

This introduction was attended by 30 people. It was an interactive and intensive introduction of BNs led by Wayne Landis, Western Washington University, United States, and Ullrika Sahlin, Lund University Centre of Environmental and Climate Research, Lund, Sweden. The participants were provided a theoretical background together with hands on exercises from risk and impact assessments and decision making.

Wayne telling his story about why Bayesian Networks is useful

Ullrika dicussing the step to inform the parameters of your network










More information with links to the presentations is available here:

Final session at the pub

Wednesday March 29th

Open seminar with following workshop on Applications and future developments of Bayesian Networks in risk and impact assessments and environmental decision making.

Talks and abstracts are available at the website:

Wayne is showing one of his conceptual models for assessing risk.

Anna presented her PhD project using Bayesian Networks

A final line up of those left to the bitter but happy end.

more info – contact Ullrika Sahlin at

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