December 2015

Summary of the 1st Nordic Chapter Risk Conference

  We did it! Thank you all for making this a successful conference. We cover the conference in our December newsletter from the Nordic Chapter of SRA-Europe. Program SRANC_final Homepage of the conference Check out who attended the conference It is possible to sign up for future newsletters on the nordic chapter pages on or by clicking on this link. … Continue reading

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Is Bayesian inference failing when there is a conflict between your prior and data?

Welcome to a seminar on Bayesian Inference and Prior-Data Conflict On the 15th of December Dr. Gero Walter from Technische Universiteit Eindhoven gave a seminar about the problem of prior-data conflict, that is, when the information from data is in conflict with prior assumptions (abstract is below). His talk was followed by a hands on session where the attendees will learned … Continue reading

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