May 2016

EFSAs treatment of uncertainty under trial

The way uncertainty is treated in risk assessment is under scrutiny. There is a need for this since we today face more complex problems and need to take into account possible risks for which knowledge is weak. One example is the ongoing work in the EU on how we treat uncertainty in environmental and health risk assessments. In March 2016 … Continue reading

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2nd Nordic chapter risk conference in Göteborg

The Nordic-Baltic chapter of Society of Risk Analysis proudly presents the call for the second Nordic chapter meeting. The theme of the conference is “Where are we and where are we going: New insights into risk analysis in the Nordic countries” Deadline for submission of both individual presentations and symposia is Monday 29 August. The conference brings together individuals and … Continue reading

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It is time to reconsider how we think about risk

Risk is something that concerns us all. Risk has become an integrated part of decision making and it is acknowledged that decisions should be informed by risks. This means that a decision maker may take other things than risk into account. Even though society efficiently are managing risks, we are now more often facing risks that are new, tricky or complex. New global challenges … Continue reading

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