August 2015

Now starts the Pufendorf Advanced Study Group on Quantifying and Communicating Uncertainty: Challenges and Opportunities

We are currently planning the activities within the Pufendorf Advanced Study Group Quantifying and Communicating Uncertainty: Challenges and Opportunities. This will be a year with plenty of opportunities to boost your Bayesian knowledge and experience. There will be courses and invited lectures. Info are continuously posted at the website of the ASG. The goal of the Advanced Study Group at Pufendorf Institute in Lund is … Continue reading

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First week completed of the summer school Bayesian Analysis and Decision Theory

The summer school in Bayesian Analysis and Decision Theory at Lund University 2015 has now completed its physical week. Students are now working on their individual projects and we expect a thrilling web conference at late September. All lectures and exercises were held in the Maths Building at Lund University. We got the opportunity to write on two walls of … Continue reading

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