May 2015

Adaptation – novel decision problems under uncertainty seeking solutions with scientific rigor

Attending the 2nd European Climate Change Adaptation Conference ECCA 12-14 May 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark. Let me share some insights after the first day: Adaptation is just waiting for innovative solutions designed with scientific methods and scientific rigor. Adaption means that we have to face problems with high complexity and uncertainty which makes our knowledge far from precise. Adaptation does not have to be … Continue reading

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Confronting uncertainties beyond Bayesianism

Confronting uncertainty beyond Bayesianism is an initiative within the Advanced Study Group “Values, decision making and risk – current perspectives and future research” at the Pufendorf Institute in Lund, spring 2015. The starting point of the theme is view of knowledge-based probability as the first order measure of uncertainty. The Bayesian approach to interpret and assign probabilities makes it possible … Continue reading

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